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Aubrey and Renz feature in Irish Tatler Man’s September Issue, alongside Aisling Farinella on styling and Ruth Brophy on grooming. Perry Ogden directs Brown Thomas’ AW21 showcase starring Ami, Camilla, Clara and Sadhbh. Saorla Houston directs Delilah Montagu’s new music video Baby. Remus Uomo launches their AW21 campaign with Aubrey, Gerald, Lukman, Michal, Renz, Ronan & Sean-Ryan.

Remus Uomo | AW21
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Ami + Perry | Brown Thomas AW21
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Sadhbh + Perry | Brown Thomas AW21

Saorla Houston | Delilah Montagu - Baby | September 2021
Aisling, Renz + Ruth | Irish Tatler Man | September 2021
Aisling, Aubrey + Ruth | Irish Tatler Man | September 2021
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