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Leonn Ward
Leonn Ward

Leonn Ward


Leonn Ward is an Irish director and photographer sought after for her ability to capture a vibrant intimacy that puts individual style and character at the heart of storytelling. Diversity and representation are at the heart of Leonn’s life and work. She has directed equality campaigns for Google, branded campaigns promoting body confidence for Dior, and her short films have been included in the official ‘Voice of a Woman’ selection at Cannes.

Olivia Rodrigo 'Can’t Catch Me Now' | 2023

Hers | 2023

H&M | 2022

Nike | 2018

Calvin Klein | 2019

Bottega Veneta | 2021

Zara | 2021

Wooden Wheel | 2022

Celeste 'Stop This Flame' | 2020

Paul Smith | 2021

Stella McCartney | 2017

Prada x Elle Magazine | 2019

Givenchy Le Rouge | 2021

Adidas Originals | 2018

Michael Kiwanuka 'You Ain't The Problem' | 2019
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Leonn Ward
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