Not Another International – NXT GEN
Dan Comerford Johnny Jordan Jordy Katie-Ruby Robinson Liadh Connolly Ryan Rivers Zoe Bonnie Zeda
The Not Another Intl NXT GEN board is a curation of emerging dynamic artists across the spheres of fashion, arts and culture. It spotlights trailblazers across multiple disciplines from directors, photographers, stylists, mixed media artists, hair and makeup artists, and set designers, who serve as a vital component of the future of Ireland’s creative industry. NXT GEN provides a go-to resource for clients and industry leaders looking to access innovative and progressive emerging talent in Ireland. In turn, NXT GEN provides emerging artists with access to industry contacts, clients, support networks, mentorship, and peer to peer advocacy. NXT GEN pays homage to both home grown and international artists, showcasing the global capabilities of Ireland’s next generation of talent. NXT GEN highlights Not Another Intl’s ongoing commitment in supporting artists and talent at multiple cross sections of their careers. Through this support, Not Another Intl serves to improve equality and opportunity, so that the industry remains open to all.
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