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Saorla Houston
Saorla Houston Saorla Houston

Saorla Houston

( Director )

Saorla Houston is a Northern Irish director specialising in music, fashion, beauty and documentary film. She has worked across creative campaigns for musicians such as Raye, Baby Queen, Gracey & Mabel. As an ex-photographic producer at Dazed magazine, and one of the founding members of Dazed Beauty, she has also worked across 20+ issues of the magazine, collaborating with photographers such as Tim Walker and Harley Weir and musicians such as Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, and FKA Twigs.

Flo | Summertime | July 2022

Dazed Beauty | Not Another Intl FACES | December 2021

Brown Thomas | Planet Beauty | 2022

Delilah Montagu—Baby | September 2021

RAYE—Love of Your Life | 2020

Dazed Beauty—Behind the Masc | 2021

Deliah—Coming For Ya | 2021

RAYE—Euphoric Sad Songs | 2020

Babeheaven—Jalisco | 2019

Baby Queen—These Drugs | 2021

Baby Queen—American Dream | 2021
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Saorla Houston
( Director )