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Nick West, a Dublin native, embarked on his journey into the world of photography from the bustling streets of London in 1996. Unlike a traditional path, Nick's career in photography was self-taught, a testament to his passion and dedication to the craft. Teaming up with Chloé Claverie, who hails from the suburbs of Paris, Nick brings a unique perspective to their collaborative work. The duo's exploration in photography began with a focus on youth, delving into the imaginative tales of children. However, as their artistic journey evolved, so did the themes of their work.

Pol Street Corner, India Street I, 2017
Pol Street Corner India Street I | 2017
Pol Trader, India Street II 2023
Pol Trader India Street II | 2023
Pol Trader 2, India Street II 2023
Pol Trader India Street II | 2023
Kutch Worker 2, India Street I, 2017
Kutch Worker India Street I | 2017
Extra,Changchung Waiting Room, 2018
Extra Chang Chung Waiting Room | 2018
Budapest Sleeper, Berlin Sleeps, 2017
Budapest Sleeper Berlin Sleeps | 2017
Riviera, PChan ventures Out, 2022
Riviera PChan Ventures Out | 2022
Dreaming Man, Osaka Bus Faces,2017
Dreaming Man Osaka Bus Faces | 2017
KeikoSan, Osaka Bus Faces, 2016
KeikoSan Osaka Bus Faces | 2016
Jaimee 2, PERDU- Jaimee is lost, 2023
Jaimee in Paris | 2023
Jaimee 1, PERDU - Jaimee is lost, 2023
Jaimee in Paris | 2023
Marcel and Agat, Paris Bus Face,2023
'Marcel & Agat' Paris Bus Face | 2023
Kutch Worker, India Street I, 2017
'Kutch Worker' India Street I | 2017
Casablanca Express, Maroc Winter, 2020
Casablanca Express Maroc Winter | 2020
Pol Bus, India Street II, 2023
'Pol Bus' India Street II | 2023
Class 4B, New Republic School 2017
'Class 4B 'New Republic School | 2017
Speaker, New Republic School 2017
'Speaker' New Republic School | 2017
Cherry, LA is Dreaming, 2013
'Cherry' LA is Dreaming | 2013
Shanghai Station 1, Back in the PRC, 2015
'Shanghai Station 1' Back in the PRC | 2015
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Nick West
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